Metaprogramming in Python using Metaclasses

Metaprogramming is writing programs that manipulate programs. Dive into the deeper python magic of metaprogramming and enhance your understanding of object orientation in Python and its working under the hood.

About Adarsh Divakaran

Adarsh is a Python geek always on the lookout for challenges to solve. While in college, he co-founded multiple startups, one of which was incubated by Startup village collective and seed funded by Kerala Startup Mission. He got the opportunity to pitch his idea at Facebook HQ in Silicon Valley.

Currently, he is working on building Strollby, a travel platform powered by Python microservices and GraphQL backend.

Adarsh started his Speaker journey by presenting at GraphQL Summit ‘22, one of the biggest GraphQL conferences in the world. He focuses on enhancing the Python GraphQL ecosystem in his leisure time by contributing to several open-source projects.

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