Fear the Mutants. Love the Mutants

Code coverage is a great metric - how much of your code is actually tested by your unit tests. However, this doesn’t tell you how good your tests actually are at picking up changes to your codebase - if your tests aren’t well thought-out, it’s possible for changes to get past your unit tests but break production.

Mutation testing is a great (and massively underrated) way to understand how valuable your tests are. Mutation score quantifies how much trust you should put in your tests to stop mutant versions of your code escaping from your lab and wreaking havoc in production. In this talk, I’ll show you examples of how to get started with mutation testing and how to integrate it into your CI/CD pipeline.

After the session, you’ll be ready to use mutation testing with wild abandon and you'll be ready to integrate it into your release engineering process, testing your mutant code without needing to set foot in the lab at all!

About Max Kahan

I'm a Python Developer Advocate and Software Engineer at Vonage (ex-IBM). I'm interested in communications APIs, developer relations, machine learning, open-source, developer experience and dancing! My training is in Physics, and now I use my problem-solving skills daily, working on open-source projects and finding ways to make developers’ lives better.