Speakers Announced

Posted by PyCascades Team on Jan. 31, 2023

Speakers Announced 🎙️

Out of the many wonderful submissions we received (over 120!!), we had the difficult task of choosing just 20 talks. We'd like to thank everyone who submitted a talk and we encourage you all to submit again next year!

We're happy to feature the following speakers:

  • Anthony Harrison - SBOMs are coming. How will Python help?
  • Asher Sterkin - Cloud Infrastructure From Python Code: How Far Could We Go?
  • Brett Cannon - Python’s syntactic sugar
  • Brian Okken - Sharing is Caring - Sharing pytest fixtures
  • Cheuk Ting Ho - Untangle Python Spaghettis - Deep dive into environments and dependencies management
  • Christopher Neugebauer - Practicality Beats Purity: The Zen of Python’s Escape Hatch?
  • Colin Dietrich - Writing an I2C sensor driver
  • Don Kirkby - Tightening your feedback loop with live coding
  • Gajendra Deshpande - Security Best Practices for Django Applications
  • Justin Castilla - What’s that smell? Detecting air quality with Python, Raspberry Pi, and Redis
  • Max Kahan - Fear the mutants. Love the mutants
  • Niharika Vadluri - Building Games on BBC micro: bit using Embedded Python
  • Ria Bhatia - Demystifying SQLite with Python
  • Richard Rowland - Why “Hello World” is a Massive Operation - From Python code to Stack Virtual Machine
  • Robin Reynolds-Haertle - Using Lark to parse text
  • Sarah Kaiser - Eternal sunshine of the spotless development environment
  • Syed Ansab Waqar Gillani, Syed Muhammad Dawoud Sheraz Ali - Analysing the looping mechanisms with Python Lists
  • Terri Oda - Vulnerability scanning for free (as in puppies)
  • Zach Lipp - Implementing Distributed Tracing

See more information on all of these talks on our website!

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