Building Games on BBC micro: bit using Embedded Python

Writing code that runs in the terminal or in your web browser is good fun. Writing code that affects the real world, however, can be satisfying on a whole other level. Writing this sort of code is called embedded development, and Python is making it more accessible than ever!

Through this talk I would like to share about:

What embedded development is and why you would use Python to do it.
What your hardware and software options are for running Python on an embedded system.
When Python is a good fit for an embedded system and when it’s not.
How to write a basic game on the BBC micro:bit with MicroPython.

About Niharika Vadluri

Niharika Vadluri is an Oracle Application Developer at Accenture India. She is an active open source contributor since 2018. She graduated in 2021 with majors in Electrical and Electronics. She has been an active member and contributor in PSF,, Linux and Fossasia Open source Organization. She has given talks at Fossasia Summit 2019, Pycon APAC Thailand 2021, Pycon Australia 2021 and Poster Presentation at Pycon USA 2022 and Speaker at Open Source Firmware Conference 2022 Sweden.